MiScorecard Performance Summary (Sept. 2018)

Workers’ Compensation Agency (WCA) releases its MiScorecard for end of 3rd quarter 2018.

Governor Rick Snyder created Michigan Dashboard to provide a quick assessment of state government. We have been critical of this tool because of the metrics used and the missing human component. The WCA has now released its MiScorecard for reporting period September 2018. Here are the current statistics.

Metric 1: Cost Per Claim

This metric shows 11.5% growth over a four-year reporting period. This is down from previous 12% growth. A green score (>=90% of target) has been given because it is less than target growth of 25%.

Metric 2: WC Cost of Premium Ranking

The WCA gets a green score (>=90% of target) because Michigan is currently ranked 36 lowest out of 50 states for cost of premium. The target is top 10 cheapest states in the country. Michigan was previously ranked 34 of 50.

Metric 3: Workers’ Compensation Agency

The WCA again gets a red score (<75% of target) because it has not hit 50% for electronic filings. This metric has increased from 31.2% to 32.1% since the last reporting period.

Metric 4: Duration of Temporary Disability

The WCA receives a green score (>=90% of target) for reducing duration of temporary disability from 17 to 16 weeks. The target is 15 weeks.

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