Winter has come early this year for Michigan

Types of workers’ comp claims that are covered in Michigan when employees get hurt because of ice and snow.

Temperatures are dropping into the 30s and snow has already fallen. Winter has indeed come early this year! Here is our annual warning for cold weather danger.

We frequently have clients hurt from a slip and fall at work. This trends up when ice and snow cover the ground. Winter driving is another major concern for employees.

Here are the types of claims covered under workers’ comp when an employee is exposed to winter weather.

Freezing temperatures

Hypothermia is a medical emergency that occurs from exposure to cold weather. Freezing temperatures can also result in frost bite. Injuries from exposure to cold weather should be covered under workers’ comp.

Shoveling heavy snow

Employees are sometimes asked to shovel and clear snow. We have seen individuals hurt their back, knees, and shoulders from this type of heavy physical work. It is also possible to suffer a cardiac event resulting in heart attack at work. These claims should be submitted to workers’ comp.

Slip and falls

We have clients who are hurt from a slip and fall at work. If an employee is hurt while on the premises of their employer, within a reasonable time before or after working hours, it is presumed to be covered under workers’ comp. This usually applies in the context of parking lots and sidewalks.

Winter driving

Employees who are hurt while driving for work are covered under workers’ comp. Slippery roads present a serious hazard that can result in an automobile accident. Medical and wage loss benefits should be covered.

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