You’ve got mail? Send a copy to your lawyer!

How to scan documents with your iPhone and save them as a PDF file.

We get hundreds of documents sent to our law firm each month. These include attorney letters, medical records, subpoenas, liens, and court notices. Many of these items are in electronic format for easy review.

Clients become panicked when they get something new in the mail. It might be a letter from the insurance company or employer. Sometimes it is a WCA form such as the Notice of Dispute or Pre-Trial Hearing Notice.

It is a good idea to send documents to your lawyer for review. He or she can tell you what it means and how it could affect workers’ compensation benefits. This is also helpful when updated work restrictions are given by a doctor.

Many of our clients take a picture with their cell phones and send it by email. This is not the best approach because file sizes are too large. Photos are frequently unreadable and hard to print. Here is a quick tip on using your iPhone to scan and save documents in PDF format.

Hard press (or long press) the Notes icon. Tap Scan Document. Position the document in view. Drag corners to adjust and save as a note. Tap the share icon and select Create PDF from the row of options. You can now save and email the document to your lawyer.

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