Feds approve work requirement for Medicaid

Medicaid work requirement gets federal approval and how this could jeopardize health insurance for many of our workers’ compensation clients.

Work Requirement for Medicaid ApprovedGovernor Rick Snyder signed legislation in 2018 requiring Medicaid recipients to work 80 hours per month or risk losing health insurance coverage. The Trump administration has now approved the work requirement plan and it is expected begin in 2020. It would apply to individuals aged 19 to 62 who do not qualify for an exemption.

By way of background, Medicaid expansion was passed in conjunction with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Individuals making up to 138% of the federal poverty level now qualify for health insurance coverage. Over 600,000 people in Michigan receive health insurance because of this expansion. It is anticipated that a work requirement could apply to more than 500,000 of these individuals.

This is big news for many of our workers’ compensation clients. Medicaid allows them to get treatment while their workers’ compensation claim is disputed. Medicaid gets paid back from any settlement or award.

Individuals who are disabled should be exempt but there are still many unknowns. What happens if workers’ compensation has been disputed but there is a pending case? Does the employee still qualify under the exemption? We hope these questions are answered before people start losing their health insurance.

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