It’s a Bird … It’s a Plane … It’s Drone Surveillance

Insurance companies use drone surveillance to spy on claimants looking for potential fraud.

Drone SurveillanceI had the privilege of co-moderating the MAJ Workers’ Compensation/Social Security Seminar this year. We had speakers covering everything from the recent election, medical proofs, and updated case law.

One of the speakers discussed surveillance and how insurance companies are using new technology to investigate claims. Apparently, this includes flying drones over houses and taking pictures. This is a shockingly bad development and a huge invasion of privacy.

Private investigators are routinely hired to follow claimants and take video surveillance. Insurance companies want to find some evidence that a claim is fraudulent. Video is often taken out-of-context and used to dispute benefits. We have even seen adjusters make snap decisions based upon what is posted on social media.

We tell our clients to live their lives but refrain from activities that are inconsistent with work restrictions. Deactivate social media accounts until after the claim is resolved. Close window blinds and make sure the garage door is always shut. Do not discuss issues with co-workers or neighbors. Ignore strange telephone calls seeking personal information.

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