Health and wellness pay dividends

Suggestions for health and wellness programs that employers can implement with little cost.

Health and WellnessWe recently blogged about daylight saving time and employee health. More people suffer from workers’ comp injuries when they are tired. Shifting the clock 1 hour forward can impact workplace safety.

Studies have shown that health and wellness programs reduce workers’ comp costs for employers. Healthier employees recover more quickly and get back to work sooner. It also improves company morale and employee retention.

Legislation to make daylight saving time permanent is being discussed in Lansing. Here are some other ways to improve employee health and wellness.

1) Nutrition education

2) Weight loss challenge

3) Discounted gym membership

4) On-site massage

5) Ergonomic office furniture

6) Conflict resolution training

7) Team building exercises

8) Paid mental health days

9) Insurance premium discounts

10) Rewards for preventive health screenings

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