Detroit Medical Center (DMC) in the news again

Advice for patients who experience medical malpractice while on workers’ compensation.

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The Detroit News is reporting that DMC Harper University Hospital has until April 15 to pass federal inspection or lose its ability to participate in the Medicare program. DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital will also be terminated from the federal program if it does not pass by August 31. Harper and Sinai-Grace could further be prohibited from participating in the Medicaid program under Michigan law. This would cost DMC millions in revenue. We recommend anyone concerned with patient safety read this article immediately.

We found this article disturbing as many of our clients have used a DMC hospital for treatment. Access to quality medical care is the most important benefit under workers’ compensation. But what happens when additional harm is caused by a doctor or hospital?

Individuals on workers’ compensation have the same legal rights as any other patient. This includes filing a civil lawsuit against the negligent party. A portion of any recovery must be paid back to workers’ compensation and/or used as a future credit.

Wage loss benefits under worker’ compensation continue even if the underlying disability has been extended. Medical treatment under workers’ compensation also covers medical errors. Individuals who believe they have been the victim of medical malpractice should speak with an attorney right away to ensure all legal rights are protected.

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