How do I check if my employer has workers’ compensation insurance?

Easy way to locate workers’ compensation insurance for employers in Michigan.

Check for your claimYesterday’s blog post was about dealing with employers who refuse to file a workers’ compensation claim. Our experience shows this is because employers worry about higher insurance premiums or have misrepresented the nature of their businesses and don’t want to get caught. Some bad employers don’t even purchase workers’ compensation insurance.

Michigan law generally requires employers with 3 or more employees to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Failure to buy workers’ compensation insurance is a misdemeanor. Penalties include a fine of $1,000 and possible imprisonment up to 6 months. Each day’s failure is a separate offense.

Employers who do not buy workers’ compensation insurance can be found personally liable. Officers and directors of the business might have to pay medical bills and lost wages out-of-pocket. It also opens the door for pain and suffering lawsuits based upon negligence.

Employees who want to check if workers’ compensation insurance exists can search a state-wide database. Information is updated on a weekly basis. Search can be done using employer name and city (optional).

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