How to get medical bills paid after work accident

Michigan workers’ comp lawyer explains how to get small medical bills paid through four different strategies.

Medical BillsWe frequently get telephone calls from individuals who suffered minor injuries at work but still have unpaid medical bills.

Unfortunately, many of these people ignore the problem until it becomes too late. Workers’ comp is supposed to cover all reasonable and necessary medical treatment.

Medical bills that are not paid eventually go into collections and that becomes a black hole of frustration. Aggressive telephone calls and harsh collection tactics follow. Some people even find themselves the subject of a lawsuit.

It can be almost impossible to find a workers’ comp lawyer to handle a small medical bill. There is simply not enough at stake to justify the time and expense. Here are four strategies to resolve unpaid medical bills yourself.

Strategy #1. Call the claims adjuster

It is shocking how many items slip through the cracks. We are constantly arguing with defense attorneys about CMS 1500 forms and payment of medical bills. Sometimes a polite telephone call to the adjuster can resolve a medical bill that should have been covered.

Strategy #2. Use group health insurance

Medical bills that are disputed can be submitted for payment under group health insurance. This includes programs like Medicaid and Medicare. Reimbursement might be necessary if there is a recovery under workers’ comp.

Strategy #3. Informal telephone mediation

Employees with unpaid medical bills can seek informal mediation through the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency. This is done by telephone and the insurance carrier will be asked to participate. A state mediator can sometimes convince the responsible party to make payment.

Strategy #4. Negotiate and pay directly

Payment of medical bills under workers’ comp is subject to a state-wide fee schedule. This is the maximum amount that can be charged when it is a workplace accident. It is a good idea to call the medical provider and ask for a discount. Payment ensures the medical bill never reaches collections.

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