Workers’ Comp Benefit Checklist

Use our checklist to make sure you are getting all the workers’ comp benefits required to be paid under Michigan law.


It is shocking to see the number of disabled employees who do not get paid the maximum required under Michigan workers’ comp law. Insurance companies pay the wrong dollar amount or forget to tell people about all available benefits. Here is a checklist of benefits that you should know about. Please call our office and we can evaluate your individual situation.

Medical care including prescription drugs/creams/patches, physical therapy, durable medical equipment, 24/7 attendant care if required, hospital visits, and surgery.

Mileage reimbursement to and from medical appointments. Travel and lodging reimbursement if necessary.

Attendant care up to 56 hours per week for family members who help with activities of daily living. The amount paid should be the hourly rate for a professional.

Lost wages paid at 80% of your average weekly wage. This should include overtime, bonuses, and the value of discontinued fringe benefits. Wages from a second job should also be factored into the amount.

Partial disability benefits if you can work but earn less money. This will be calculated using post-injury wage earning capacity.

Total and permanent disability benefits from the Second Injury Fund. This allows for an 800-week presumption of disability and potential yearly increases.

Specific loss benefits for amputation of fingers, hands, arms, toes, feet, legs, and eyes. These payments are guaranteed even if you are back to work and will be paid at a minimum of 25% of the state average weekly wage.

Vocational rehabilitation up to 52 weeks to help transition to a new job. This can be used for career counseling, education, or retraining. A second 52-week period of vocational rehabilitation is available should it be deemed necessary.

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