First Day of Summer

Annual blog post with common sense ideas for employees who must work outdoors during the hot summer months.


Tomorrow is the summer solstice. The sun will reach its highest position in the sky and it will be the day with the longest period of daylight. Average temperatures in Metro Detroit will reach 80 degrees. Expect the UV index to also be very high during peak hours. It is finally going to get hot around here!

Working outside in the summer months presents its own unique set of challenges. Here is our annual blog post devoted to hot weather safety. Many workplace accidents can be avoided with some planning and knowledge. Here are a few common sense ideas for employees.

Dress for the weather

Many employers require a specific dress code. It is common to see company branded shirts and matching pants. Wearing light colored and loose fitting clothing goes a long way to keeping a person cool and dry. Ask what can be worn and dress in weather appropriate clothing. Do not forget about hats and sunglasses that can protect from the sun.

Protect eyes, ears, and nose

It is common for our clients to use lawnmowers and other power equipment when working outside. This means exposure to flying debris, loud sounds, and possible exposure to irritants/chemicals. Safety glasses ensure that eyesight is protected. Wearing ear plugs or muffs prevents hearing loss. A respirator can prevent irritants or chemicals from damaging lungs.

Use sunscreen when appropriate

UV radiation is a major risk for people working outside. Using sunscreen can reduce the chances of developing a painful burn. It can also go a long way to preventing skin cancer down the road.

Drink plenty of water

Dehydration is a serious medical emergency. Some people do not even realize they are sick until passing out. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Check with the employer to make sure it is okay to bring water bottles or sports drinks to the job site.

Learn about safety techniques

Safe lifting techniques can prevent a hurt back and serious disability. Falls from elevation are one of the leading causes of death in construction so be aware. Help coworkers who are doing activities wrong, so they do not get hurt either.

Take rest breaks

Sometimes the best thing to do is take a break indoors. Air conditioning running in a vehicle also provides some temporary relief. Make sure to tell a supervisor if feeling ill. Speaking up can potentially stop a disaster from happening.

Keep an eye to the sky

Severe weather is common during the hot summer months. Heavy rain, lightning, hail, tornadoes all present real danger. Keep an eye to the sky and watch out for threatening conditions. It also a good idea to have a weather radio available.

Be prepared for emergencies

Preparedness can save employee lives. Know the symptoms of heatstroke and heart attack. Keep a first aid kit handy and learn how to perform CPR. Find out what to do in case of an emergency.

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