Current average wait times for workers’ compensation cases in Michigan

Michigan Workers’ Disability Compensation Agency releases updated statistics in its Pending/Aged Cases Report.


Our clients are shocked to learn how long it can take for a disputed workers’ compensation case to resolve in Michigan. It can take months or years before final resolution is obtained. Just getting a Pre-Trial Notice in the mail can take 30-45 days from when the Application for Mediation or Hearing is filed. Several other hearing dates are usually required before the magistrate will set a firm priority trial date. In the meantime, disabled employees have no way to support themselves and money gets tight. Access to medical care also becomes an issue. We understand these pressures and do everything possible to speed up the litigation process.

Many factors determine whether a workers’ compensation case moves slow or fast. Medical and vocational evidence often needs time to develop. It is almost impossible to resolve a case until a person finishes with surgery and gets restrictions from their doctor. Insurance companies and defense attorneys also drag their feet with settlement negotiations hoping they can “starve” people out. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help speed up the process. We recommend scheduling facilitation in cases that appear to be stalled.

Statistics published by the Michigan Workers’ Disability Compensation Agency in its Pending/Aged Cases Report show average wait times for various hearing sites. This data is current as of June 30, 2019. Excluded are cases that are coded “await other” while pending external resolution. We think everyone should have this knowledge so they can plan accordingly. Please understand that every case is different, and it is best to speak with an attorney about individual circumstances.


0-12 Months: 1,712
13-18 Months: 539
19-24 Months: 370
Over 24 Months: 292
Total Cases: 2,913


0-12 Months: 706
13-18 Months: 202
19-24 Months: 136
Over 24 Months: 56
Total Cases: 1,100


0-12 Months: 769
13-18 Months: 203
19-24 Months: 143
Over 24 Months: 93
Total Cases: 1,208


0-12 Months: 391
13-18 Months: 117
19-24 Months: 81
Over 24 Months: 167
Total Cases: 734

Grand Rapids

0-12 Months: 489
13-18 Months: 112
19-24 Months: 74
Over 24 Months: 126
Total Cases: 703


0-12 Months: 248
13-18 Months: 85
19-24 Months: 54
Over 24 Months: 26
Total Cases: 413


0-12 Months: 107
13-18 Months: 107
19-24 Months: 30
Over 24 Months: 13
Total Cases: 175

Traverse City

0-12 Months: 53
13-18 Months: 15
19-24 Months: 9
Over 24 Months: 7
Total Cases: 84


0-12 Months: 13
13-18 Months: 1
19-24 Months: 3
Over 24 Months: 1
Total Cases: 18


0-12 Months: 43
13-18 Months: 13
19-24 Months: 2
Over 24 Months: 0
Total Cases: 58

Sault Ste. Marie

0-12 Months: 25
13-18 Months: 10
19-24 Months: 2
Over 24 Months: 0
Total Cases: 37

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