Happy Labor Day!

U.S. federal holiday celebrating the social and economic achievements of American workers.

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Our law firm will be closed on September 2, 2019 in observance of Labor Day. This U.S. federal holiday recognizes the social and economic achievements of American workers. It is also the 125th anniversary so it has special meaning this year. Here is our annual blog post devoted to this important day.

Labor Day is the unofficial last day of summer. It gives our attorneys and staff a chance to recharge over a long holiday weekend. Most people use this day for outdoor activities, BBQs, and discount shopping. Please also take some time from these fun summer activities to remember what this holiday is all about.

We like to use this annual blog post to recognize the labor movement. Labor unions have been responsible for higher wages, increased benefits, and better workplace safety. Even employees who are not in a labor union indirectly benefit from their advocacy.

It seems like the labor movement has been under siege in recent years. Michigan lawmakers passed so called “right-to-work” legislation in 2012 directly attacking labor unions. This came on the heels of workers’ compensation reform in 2011 that made qualifying benefits more difficult. Protecting “job creators” has seemingly become our primary focus.

The best way to support labor unions is through political action. Show our elected representatives that Michigan workers should always come first. Here are just some ways to get involved and facilitate change.

Write an editorial: Make your opinion known by writing a letter to a newspaper. Tell your story about getting hurt on-the-job. Were you treated fairly by your employer? Did you have a good experience under workers’ compensation? What changes need to be made?

Reach out to elected officials: Send emails and make telephone calls to elected officials. What is their stance on repealing right-to-work? Find out if they will fix our broken workers’ compensation system. Do their politics fit with your best interests?

Get politically active: Volunteer for candidates who support your political beliefs. Get out and vote for those candidates who put Michigan workers ahead of large corporations and insurance companies. Special interest groups should never come before Michigan workers. We have a big election coming up in 2020 and it is never too soon to get politically active.

Buy American products: Send a message with your wallet! Buy products that are made in our country. Support businesses that have employees right here in Michigan.

Talk with family and friends: Special interest groups use large sums of money to influence public opinion. Labor unions are vilified and are slowly going extinct. Job security has become a thing of the past. There is also a false narrative that employees on workers’ compensation are just lazy and get paid for doing nothing. Tell your truth to family and friends.

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