Workers’ Comp Claim Status Update: 4 Questions To Ask Your Lawyer

Workers’ Comp Claim Status Update: 4 Questions To Ask Your Lawyer

What questions should you ask when calling your lawyer for a workers’ comp claim status?

We frequently get telephones calls from injured workers who are represented by other law firms. These individuals want a workers’ comp claim status update so they know what is happening with their case and are typically unhappy with the communication from their lawyer.

Attorneys do not like workers’ comp claim status update calls. These take away valuable time from other clients who need immediate attention. Workers’ comp cases can be slow and there is usually nothing to report. We always tell our clients that when something important happens, they will get a telephone call.

We understand that sitting at home without income and/or medical treatment can be stressful. Finding out the workers’ comp claim status should not be difficult. Here are some questions to ask your lawyer to better understand the process, reduce anxiety, and improve outcome.

When is the next court date?

Our clients always wonder about their next court date. We tell them not to worry as these are routine meetings. It can take months to resolve a disputed workers’ comp case. A magistrate will typically require pre-trial, scheduling conference, and several control dates before a firm trial date is set. Knowing the case if proceeding on schedule is a relief for many of our clients. Do not be embarrassed to call your lawyer and ask for the next court date. This is a great way to get a workers’ comp claim status.

Who is the defense attorney?

We deal with both good and bad defense attorneys. It can be a problem when a defense attorney slows down the process. They get paid for every telephone call and court date. Make sure to ask about your defense attorney’s reputation and be ready to push back against unreasonable delays. Asking for early facilitation is a great way to move a case toward final resolution.

How can I help win my case?

Medical evidence is the key to winning a workers’ comp case. It is critical to have a qualified doctor who will support causation and disability. A family doctor is not enough! We tell our clients to use health insurance to get additional medical treatment with a specialist and obtain proof of continuing disability. Michigan law also requires a good-faith job search, and this cannot be ignored. When calling for a workers’ comp claim status, make sure to update your lawyer about recent medical appointments and job search efforts.

How much can I expect for settlement?

Proceeding to trial is not always the best option and there are no “slam dunks” when it comes to Michigan workers’ comp law. We tell our clients to think about the future and come up with a plan to make their lives better. Some people want to find a new job while others are looking to apply for Social Security disability benefits (SSDI). The amount of settlement will depend upon how much the insurance company anticipates having to pay in wage loss and medical. A good lawyer can help maximize these potential benefits. It is important to be on the same page as your lawyer regarding expectations and what needs to be done.

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