Average Workers’ Comp Settlement For Wrist Injury in Michigan

Average Workers' Comp Settlement For Wrist A Injury

Michigan attorney discusses average workers’ comp settlement for a wrist injury in Michigan and how to maximize value.

Most disabled employees are curious about the average workers’ comp settlement for a wrist injury in Michigan. The truth is that every claim is different, and it is hard to assign settlement value without understanding potential legal issues. How long will disability last? What future medical treatment is needed? Is the claim disputed?

About Workman’s Compensation

Employees hurt on-the-job are supposed to receive workman’s comp benefits. This includes payment of medical treatment and lost wages. Sometimes vocational rehabilitation is needed, and this should be covered as well.

About settlements

Our experience shows that most disabled employees want to settle their cases for a lump sum cash payment. This allows them freedom to get medical treatment without insurance company delay. It also allows them to put cash in the bank and find a new job within restrictions. Settlement money can be used to pay off debt, start a business, or simply retire.

The amount of settlement is going to be based upon how much the insurance company believes it must payout in future benefits. It is a business decision and the insurance companies does not want to overpay. Insurance companies look at age, extent of disability, and cost of future medical care. Other factors include how much a person earned at their job and transferable skills.

What is the average workers’ comp settlement for a wrist injury in Michigan?

While there is not a specific average workers’ comp settlement for a wrist injury in Michigan, most insurance companies will pay several years of wage loss benefits. Take your weekly check amount and multiple it by 52 weeks to calculate the yearly amount. Insurance companies rarely pay more than 5 years of wage loss benefits upfront.

It is also important to estimate future medical by looking at what type of treatment could be required in the future. Again, every client, injury, and accident are going to be different.

Employees with these type of injuries usually have a difficult time finding new employment because they are often limited to one hand work. It is also common for them to undergo several surgeries throughout their lives. The best way to maximize settlement value is to hire an experienced lawyer who understands these issues. Medical and vocational evidence must be developed so the insurance company knows it must pay significant benefits. This means taking depositions of doctors and vocational experts when needed. It also means challenging unfair IME reports and post-injury wage earning capacity assessments.

Every situation is unique

Please remember that every situation is unique, so it is best to speak with an experienced lawyer before attempting to negotiate with the insurance company. Our experience shows that insurance companies lowball people who do not have lawyer and try to box people into bad negotiating positions. Do not accept the average workers’ comp settlement for a wrist injury in Michigan without understanding legal rights.

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