How Much Does An MRI Cost In Michigan: What You Need To Know

How Much Does An MRI Cost In Michigan: What You Need To Know

Lawyer explains medical benefits under workers’ compensation and discusses how much an MRI will cost in Michigan and what should be charged.

It can feel overwhelming dealing with employers, insurance companies, and medical providers. Our job as workers’ compensation lawyers is to educate and protect disabled employees. Many of our clients wonder how much an MRI will cost in Michigan and wonder if there will be any copayments or deductibles owed. Unpaid medical bills can interfere with treatment and cause undue stress. Here are some tips on getting a correct diagnosis and medical bills paid.

Medical treatment is one of the most important benefit under workers’ compensation. Employees hurt on-the-job are supposed to receive all reasonable and necessary medical treatment without any copayments or deductibles. This includes emergency room visits, doctor appointments, diagnostic testing, hospital stays, prescription medications, physical therapy, epidural injections, durable medical equipment, and surgery. Even attendant care should be covered if family members are helping with activities of daily living.

Unfortunately, not every workers’ compensation claim goes smoothly. This is especially true for employees who have preexisting arthritis. Insurance companies use this fact to dispute payment of workers’ compensation benefits. Diagnoses like stenosis and degenerative disc disease are used to say a medical condition is not work-related.

The truth is that almost everyone develops some arthritis as they get older. This scan is the gold standard for diagnostic testing. It can be used in conjunction with a physical examination to make a diagnosis. It is then up to the doctor to say whether a change of underlying pathology occurred and support work-relationship.

But what happens when the insurance company will not even cover the cost of a MRI in Michigan? Here are some tips on getting a this scan without a large medical bill.

So, how much does an MRI cost in Michigan? That is going to depend on the facility and what test has been ordered by the doctor. Price transparency is required under federal law and most facilities will have costs on their website. Look around and see who can provide the scan at the best price.

Workers’ compensation insurance pays much lower rates. All medical procedures are subject to a state-wide fee schedule and the cost of an MRI in Michigan is typically less than $1,000.00. We recommend asking the facility if they would honor this lower pricing. Cash payers are often giving steep discounts. It also possible to get the scan on credit if you sign a reimbursement agreement and have a lawyer who is pursuing a workers’ compensation case.

Most health insurance companies, including Medicaid and Medicare, will pay disputed medical bills. Reimbursement is typically required if a person later receives a workers’ compensation settlement. Out-of-pocket medical expenses for copayments and deductibles can also be recouped.

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How Much Does An MRI Cost In Michigan: What You Need To Know
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