Workers’ Comp Physical Therapy Claims: Here’s What To Know

Michigan lawyer explains workers’ comp physical therapy claims and how to make sure medical bills get paid.

Workers' Comp Physical Therapy Claims: Here's What To Know

We have represented employees with all kinds of physical problems from their jobs. A workplace accident can result in anything from a muscle strain to amputation of a body part. Medical treatment options range from over-the-counter pain medication to complex surgery with months of rehabilitation afterwards. Unfortunately, insurance companies have a bad habit of stopping medical treatment prematurely. Here is some information about workers’ comp physical therapy claims and how to make sure medical bills get paid.

About work-related injury insurance benefits

Insurance benefits for a work-related injury are a safety net for employees hurt on-the-job. It guarantees medical treatment regardless of employee fault. Employees are covered immediately and there is no waiting period. It does not matter how the accident occurred provided it arose in the course and scope of employment. All reasonable and necessary medical treatment should be paid without copayments or deductibles being owed.

Employees have the right to choose their own medical providers after 28 days from the start of medical care. This right extends to choosing hospitals, surgical centers, medical facilities, and physical therapists. Michigan has a fee schedule, so the amount paid to medical providers should be the same. We recommend finding the best medical provider and forcing the insurance company pay.

Many of our clients benefit greatly from workers’ comp physical therapy claims. They experience less pain, restored function, and greater mobility when using these benefits to recover. We have seen clients require less pain medication and avoid surgery. Physical therapists can also educate our clients on how to avoid future problems and work more safely.

How to find a physical therapist

Talking with a trusted family doctor is a great way to figure out who is good in a particular field. Ask for a referral to a physical therapist. Family members who had similar medical conditions are also a good resource. The Internet is a powerful tool that can be used to find reviews and locate the best physical therapist in the area.

Choosing your own therapist is easy. All that is required is giving notice to the insurance company and providing contact information. It might also be necessary to send updated medical records after each visit.

What if my workers’ comp physical therapy claims are disputed?

Employees who find their workers’ comp physical therapy claims disputed can file an Application for Mediation or Hearing. This will start a formal legal process where a magistrate decides if additional medical treatment should be paid.

Employees can also seek penalties if bills in regards to your treatment are not paid within 30 days of becoming due. Penalties are limited to a maximum of $50 or the bill itself, whichever is less. Penalties are only available if there is not a dispute. Insurance companies hate paying penalties, and this will often get their attention. Unpaid medical bills should be sent to the insurance company by certified mail.

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