Average Workers’ Comp Settlement For Hernia Explained

Average Workers’ Comp Settlement For Hernia Explained

Michigan lawyer discusses average workers’ comp settlement for hernia and why it is usually not worth the money offered.

We have seen all kinds of workplace accidents over 35+ years of practice. Some employees get better quickly and return to their jobs after a couple weeks. Others are disabled for much longer and need help transitioning to a new job. Employees who undergo hernia surgery can go either way depending upon the extent of damage. Some people end up having multiple surgeries that result in nerve damage with chronic pain symptoms. The average workers’ comp settlement for hernia is going to depend upon extent of disability and sometimes it is not worth giving up a job.

Michigan injury law protects employees who suffer a hernia on-the-job. It pays guaranteed benefits regardless of how the workplace accident occurred or who was at fault. Medical treatment should be covered 100% with no out-of-pocket expenses. Employees who miss work should receive 80% of their after-tax lost wages. Vocational rehabilitation is also available to help with education and retraining if needed.

Many of our clients want to know about payout amounts awarded because dealing with insurance companies can be extremely difficult. Medical payments and wage loss checks are usually late. The lump sum cash payment awarded for a claim allows an employee to finish medical and vocational rehabilitation on their own terms. Just getting out from underneath the insurance company is motivation enough.

What is the average workers’ comp settlement for a hernia?

There isn’t a specified average amount for a workers’ comp settlement for a hernia in Michigan. The statistics published by the Michigan Workers’ Disability Compensation Agency shows the average payout amount in Michigan for 2020 was just $59,235.42. Many people receive more than average when evidence shows permanent restrictions and lifetime medical. 

Why settling may not be worth it

Most people are required to give up their job as part of any payout amount awarded. This is the reason why the average workers’ comp settlement for hernia is usually not enough money. Insurance companies calculate payout amounts based upon their exposure to risk. They look at how much money needs to be paid for medical treatment and the potential length of disability. Someone who has hernia surgery and then is released back to work two weeks later does not have much of a claim.

Be aware of insurance companies

Insurance companies know the value of work injury claims and they do not want to overpay. We tell our clients that an average workers’ comp settlement for hernia will provide sufficient money to cover future medical needs and time off from work. Watch out for insurance companies who offer low-ball payout amounts based upon biased medical opinions from their doctors.

How our attorneys can maximize the amount awarded

Many of our clients get more than average workers’ comp settlement for hernia. This is because medical evidence shows continuing disability based upon nerve damage or some other related problem. A doctor needs to explain how the hernia will keep an employee from doing his or her job. A treatment plan should also be developed showing what types of medical could be needed in the future. This includes additional surgeries, physical therapy, and prescription medications. This can add thousands of dollars to a claim and must not be ignored when evaluating your payout amount.

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