I Hurt My Knee At Work: Am I Covered By Workers’ Comp?

Michigan workers’ comp lawyer discusses what employees should do when they suffer a knee injury.

I Hurt My Knee At Work: Am I Covered By Workers’ Comp?

Getting injured on-the-job can turn your life upside down. This is especially true if a person cannot stand or walk for long periods of time. Many of our clients find themselves unable to perform the physical requirements of their jobs. Knee injuries are some of the most common types of workplace accidents. Here are some answers to the question: I hurt my knee at work in Michigan, what should I do?

Michigan law protects employees who are injured in the workplace. It does not matter who was at fault just that the accident occurred in the course and scope of employment. Workers’ comp pays for medical treatment and a percentage of lost wages.

I hurt my knee at work, what should I do?

If you hurt your knee at work in Michigan, we tell our clients to report the workplace injury within 90 days. They should also make a claim for benefits within 2 years. Both notice and claim can be oral so just telling a manager is enough. Follow-up with a doctor and explain how the workplace accident happened. Call a workers’ comp lawyer if disputed.

Types of knee injuries

If you hurt your knee at work in Michigan It is critical to follow-up with a doctor and report the workplace accident. Medical history is key so make sure to explain how the accident occurred. This will serve as proof in the future. Get a knee injury diagnosis and treatment plan.

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) can be torn from activities that require a sudden change in direction. Surgery is usually required to improve stability and repair the damage.

The meniscus is tough and rubbery cartilage that acts as a shock absorber in the knee. It can be torn from twisting motions while bearing weight.

Inflammation can also affect various structures in the knee. Diagnoses include bursitis and tendinitis. These types of problems can interfere with normal movement of the joint.

The kneecap can also be dislocated from trauma. Pain and swelling are common symptoms.

Sometimes a loose body such as a piece of cartilage or bone can break off. This creates a problem when interference occurs with operation of the knee joint.

What are my available workers’ comp benefits if I hurt my knee at work?

All reasonable and necessary medical treatment should be fully covered. This includes ambulance runs, emergency room visits, doctor appointments, prescriptions, physical therapy, injections, durable medical equipment, and surgery. There are no deductibles or copayments owed under workers’ comp.

Employees who are unable to perform their job get lost wages. The amount paid should equal 80% of a person’s average weekly wages. This includes money for overtime, discontinued fringe benefits, and even second jobs.

Many of our clients who hurt their knee at work want to settle their workers’ comp claims and move on with their lives. This is when an insurance company makes a lump sum cash payment instead of paying future benefits. Watch out for insurance companies who make low-ball offers thinking a person does not understand their legal rights.

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I Hurt My Knee At Work: Am I Covered By Workers\' Comp?
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