Workers’ Comp Offered Low Settlement: Now What?

Advice on what to watch out for when Michigan workers’ comp offered a low settlement so you never settle for pennies on the dollar.

Workers’ Comp Offered Low Settlement: Now What?

Insurance companies understand the value of claims and they never want to overpay. They are notorious for making low-ball offers based upon their medical and vocational opinions. Many people accept these low amounts because they are desperate for money and have nowhere else to turn. If Michigan workers’ comp offered you a low settlement offer and you don’t know how to respond then look no further. Here are some ways to avoid leaving money on the table. Please remember that every case is unique, and it is best to speak with an attorney about your own individual situation.

Understand your legal rights before settlement

Michigan workers’ comp law protects employees hurt on-the-job. It covers medical treatment and a percentage of lost wages. Insurance companies do not always tell people about medical benefits like mileage reimbursement, attendant care, or home modifications. Insurance companies also screw up the average weekly wage calculation and underpay lost wages. Settlement is based upon how much the insurance company thinks it must pay in medical and wage loss. Speak with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer to find out about legal rights and make sure all benefits are correctly paid.

Workers’ comp may have offered a low settlement based upon their questionable medical opinion

Insurance companies make settlement offers based upon medical needs. Individuals on workers’ comp can select their own doctor after 28 days from the start of medical care. What if Michigan workers’ comp offered a low settlement offer because it was based upon their questionable medical opinion? With that in mind, it’s important to have a doctor on your side who can testify about medical treatment needs. Watch out for insurance company doctors because they do not always have your best interests at heart. Never blindly accept the opinion of a so-called “independent” medical examiner who says there is nothing more to do.

Do not forget about benefit coordination

Insurance companies look for any way to reduce payments. This can be done using post-injury wage earning capacity (PIWEC), age 65 reduction, Social Security retirement benefits, unemployment benefits, and long-term disability benefits. Settlement is typically based upon years of disability and the amount paid under workers’ comp matters. Maybe Michigan workers’ comp offered a low settlement based upon offsets. If so, an attorney can help minimize or avoid them with smart planning.

If workers’ comp offered a low settlement offer then hire a lawyer to negotiate

If workers’ comp offered a low ball settlement offer in Michigan based upon their disability analysis then hire an experienced lawyer to negotiate for a higher amount on your behalf. Insurance companies do not take people seriously unless they are represented.

A lawyer should handle the settlement negotiations because it shows a person means business. Proving a workers’ comp case is much harder than simply telling a magistrate what happened and saying that you cannot work. Attorney fees are a small percentage of what is recovered and there is not charge unless a settlement is obtained.

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