Dangers of Social Media In The Workplace: Here’s What To Know

Michigan workers’ comp lawyers explains the dangers of social media in the workplace.

Dangers Of Social Media In The Workplace: Here's What To Know

Our workers’ comp lawyers protect individuals who are hurt on-the-job. We do this by explaining their legal rights and coming up with winning strategies to maximize payment of workers’ comp benefits. Many of our clients are currently receiving workers’ comp benefits and there is no dispute. However, what seem like minor issues can quickly spiral into major problems. Here is some information about the dangers of social media in the workplace and why it is a good idea to shut down these accounts.

Employees hurt on-the-job are supposed to receive workers’ comp benefits. It does not matter who was at fault provided the accident occurred in the course and scope of employment. Medical treatment should be covered 100% without any copayments or deductibles being owed. Lost wages should equal 80% of a person’s after-tax average weekly wage. Many of our clients trade these workers’ comp benefits for a lump sum cash settlement and knowing the dangers of social media in the workplace can help protect you and your work injury claim.

Status updates and postings can be used by insurance companies to justify a dispute

Our experience shows that insurance companies look for any reason to stop paying workers’ comp benefits. Status updates and postings have become an easy way to justify a dispute. We have witnessed claims adjusters make snap decisions on paying medical or wage loss just because of a status update or picture. The dangers of social media in the workplace are real and should not be ignored.

We tell our clients to expect that a private investigator will review their status updates and postings. They are looking for any evidence that shows a workers’ comp claim might not be legitimate. Items are often taken out-of-context and used against disabled employees.

We recommend to our clients that they shut down all their accounts on social platforms. Do not count on privacy settings to help protect your coworkers from seeing and sharing personal information. Private investigators will even impersonate other people to gain access.

Other dangers of social media in the workplace

Some other dangers of social media in the workplace include status updates, pictures, videos, and tweets that appear harmless but can be used against a person. For example, weekend pursuits like shopping, outdoor activities, and social events are often cited as evidence that a person is more active and not truly disabled. Never post about helping a friend move or a second job to pass the time. All these items can be used against a person who is getting workers’ comp benefits.

Also, it’s important to know not to talk about the workers’ comp claim itself within your social networks. It can be tempting to vent on the Internet about how poorly the employer or its insurance company have behaved. Watch out because these statements can be used to attack credibility. We have even heard about settlements getting revoked because of a violation of a confidentiality agreement.

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