Will I Get A Settlement From Workers’ Comp?

Will I get a settlement from workers comp?

Michigan workers’ comp lawyer talks about settlement and who might qualify for a lump sum cash payment.

Will I get a settlement from workers’ comp in Michigan? This is a question frequently asked by our clients, and it always depends upon individual circumstances. Some people return to work quickly and there is little incentive for the insurance company to pay money to settle. Others will be disabled for much longer, and it might make sense for them to ask for a lump sum cash payment. Here are some issues to think about when considering a possible settlement.

Why is a lump sum of cash a great option?

Settlement is a great option for many disabled employees because it gets the insurance company off their back. It allows them freedom to do medical treatment and vocational rehabilitation on their own terms. Workers’ comp benefits are traded for a lump sum cash payment and the parties go their own way. This money can be used for any purpose including medical treatment, starting a business, paying off debt, or retirement. Settlement is income tax free.

What will determine if I will get a settlement from workers’ comp in Michigan?

Getting a settlement from workers’ comp in Michigan will depend upon how much the insurance company anticipates it must pay for additional medical treatment and lost wages in the future. Insurance companies are smart, and they don’t want to overpay. Insurance companies rarely pay enough money to settle when a person has returned to work, stopped medical treatment, or taken a voluntary retirement. Timing is everything so consult a lawyer before making any settlement decisions.

Watch out for the IME or vocational assessment

Watch out for the independent medical examination (IME) or vocational assessment. These are tools used by insurance companies to reduce what needs to be paid and will certainly impact settlement value. Insurance companies are motivated to settle claims, but they are going to do so using their most favorable terms. A settlement usually requires that an employee resign from his or her job and waive any future claims. It might not be worth giving up workers’ comp benefits for a small amount of money.

What will ensure that I will get a workers’ comp settlement in Michigan?

You will get a workers’ comp settlement in Michigan if the insurance company believes it to be in their best interests to offer one. Medical and vocational evidence must show a continuing need for benefits to be paid. Insurance companies make settlement offers based upon what they think it will cost them in the future.

Do not enter settlement negotiations without speaking to an experienced lawyer first. Understanding medical and legal issues is the key to getting a fair settlement amount. We help people get the most amount of money possible. Attorney fees are a small percentage of the total settlement and get made up by higher amounts. There is never a charge to evaluate a case for settlement.

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