How Long Does A Workers’ Comp Investigation Take?

How long does a workers' comp investigation take?

Michigan workers’ comp lawyer discusses how long it takes for a claim to start being paid.

Many of our clients live paycheck-to-paycheck. Missing even one week of income can be devastating for their family. We understand the stress and worry that goes along with a workers’ comp claim. How long does workers’ comp investigation take in Michigan? Here is some information about the process and what to expect.

Waiting period

When it comes to a workers’ comp claim investigation in Michigan, a disabled employee must wait at least 7 days to qualify for wage loss benefits. If an employee is disabled for 2 weeks or more, entitlement goes back to the very first missed day. A check is supposed to be sent by the 14th day. However, statistics from the 2021 Insurance Carrier Pay Lag Report show it can take on average of 19 days for payments to start. Some insurance companies take longer than a month to pay anything.

Recorded statement

Insurance companies sometimes ask for a recorded statement before starting payment. They want to lock an employee into a story of how the accident happened and what types of injuries they are claiming. However, there is nothing in the WDCA that requires a recorded statement. Refusal will certainly slow down the workers’ comp claim investigation process in Michigan. If the employer, carrier, or any agent of either does take a statement, it cannot be used as evidence against the employee unless a copy is given at the time it is taken.

Conference with employer

We frequently tell clients that insurance companies are not their friends. Workers’ comp insurance is purchased by the employer and the goal is to pay as little as possible for each claim. When it comes to a workers’ comp claim investigation in Michigan, insurance companies routinely discuss the circumstances with the employer and will look for any reason to dispute benefits. It is also possible the coworkers will be interviewed. Claim decisions are rarely made until the employer has been contacted. Additionally, the weekly comp rate cannot be accurately calculated without wage records being provided by the employer.

Obtaining medical records for a workers’ comp claim investigation

Employers are given sole authority to choose the medical providers during the first 28 days of treatment. Most of our clients get sent to industrial clinics where basic care is provided. Medical records must be reviewed before a determination about additional treatment or wage loss benefits can be approved.

Independent medical examination

How long does workers’ comp investigation take? It could be months if the insurance company has any doubts that a claim is valid. A Notice of Dispute will be mailed that gives the only reason: “pending investigation.” The insurance company will schedule a so-called “independent” medical examination to determine if benefits should be paid. This can be a long process and it is very important to speak with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer should this occur.

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