How Long Does It Take Workers’ Comp To Approve Surgery?

How long does it take workers' comp to approve surgery?

Michigan workers’ comp lawyer explains common reasons why surgery gets delayed by the insurance company.

We frequently talk about how workers’ comp is a safety-net for employees hurt on-the-job. Medical treatment is one of the most important benefits available to injured employees. Unfortunately, it can take employers and their insurance carriers a great deal of time to approve surgery. Some of our clients simply cannot wait because they have urgent problems that need to be addressed immediately. How long does it take workers’ comp to approve surgery in Michigan? The answer is days, weeks, months, or not at all. Here is what everyone should know about common problems that delay surgery from being approved.

All reasonable and necessary medical treatment should be covered under workers’ comp. This includes ambulance runs, emergency room visits, doctor appointments, hospital stays, prescription medication, durable medical equipment, physical therapy, injections, and surgery. There should never be any copayments or deductibles owed by the employee.

Employers get to choose the medical providers during the first 28 days. Our experience shows that most people are sent to industrial clinics where they receive subpar care. They are initially diagnosed with strains or minor conditions despite serious complaints. Many of them get returned to work prematurely and this can cause additional problems. It is not until weeks later that diagnostic tests like MRIs and CT scans are ordered. It can take workers’ comp far too long to approve surgery in Michigan when a correct diagnosis has not been made. We strongly recommend that employees choose their own doctors as soon as possible to ensure no unnecessary delays.

How long does it take workers’ comp to approve surgery in Michigan?

The entire process for workers’ comp to approve surgery in Michigan can take days, weeks, or even months. Insurance companies drag their feet when approving surgery. They want to see all medical records before a decision is made and may have them peer reviewed. It is common for employees to be sent to an independent medical examination (IME) before approval.

Our experience shows that doctor’s offices who are slow to provide medical records to insurance companies are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to surgery not being timely approved. It is critical that an employee make sure the insurance company has all the medical records needed to decide a claim. A request to Michigan workers’ comp for surgery can only be approved after medical records have been sent to the insurance company and reviewed.

Watch out for the so-called “independent” medical examination. These doctors are hand-picked by insurance companies because they know what to expect. Many of them make careers out of testifying against disabled people. It could take months for workers’ comp to approve surgery in Michigan when an IME has been scheduled because you have to find and schedule an appointment, wait for diagnosis and a written report to be completed.

Do not wait for the insurance company to do the right thing. Call an experienced workers’ comp lawyer who can hold them accountable. Surgery should never be delayed if it will result in harm to the patient.

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