How Often Should I Hear From My Workers’ Comp Attorney?

How often should I hear from my workers' comp attorney?

Michigan workers’ comp attorney discusses client communication and important events you should discuss.

We speak to many people who are unhappy with their current lawyer. They want to switch to our law firm because they aren’t hearing any updates from their Michigan workers’ comp attorney about their case. We find this is the number one reason the attorney-client relationship breaks down. We suggest making an appointment with their current attorney and finding out what is happening with their case. They may find everything has been done correctly and the case is on track.

Generally, if you aren’t hearing from your Michigan workers’ comp attorney about your case it is probably because these types of cases are slow and there isn’t usually anything to report on for months. Lawyers generally do not like status update calls. They can take time away from other cases that are scheduled for that day.

Our law firm routinely calls when a significant event occurs like a settlement offer. Here are some important reasons to discuss things with your attorney.

Doctor scheduled surgery or changed restrictions

You don’t need to hear from or report to your workers’ comp attorney after every doctor’s appointment but only when significant changes occur. It is critical to know that medical evidence is the key to winning a case. A person must show current disability to qualify for wage loss benefits.

Make sure to call your lawyer whenever restrictions have been changed. It is also important to tell your lawyer about any surgical procedures that will be occurring.

Returned to work

Wage loss benefits are contingent upon a person not being able to work. This includes new jobs that a person might have found within their restrictions. How often should I hear from my workers’ comp attorney? Call your attorney whenever you have returned to gainful employment. Provide the name of the employer, hours worked, and rate of pay. This information can be used to develop a strategy going forward including whether a quick settlement should be negotiated.

Settlement is on your mind

Individuals can trade work injury insurance benefits for a lump sum cash payment. This is an attractive option for many people because it allows them freedom to do medical treatment and vocational rehabilitation on their own terms. It is important to call your Michigan workers’ comp attorney and hear their thoughts on the pros and cons of a settlement offer for your case. The money awarded can be used for any purpose and is income tax free. We always tell our clients immediately about any settlement offers.

Case is going to be facilitated

You should hear from your Michigan workers’ comp attorney before a facilitation to get information regarding updated medical treatment, employment status, unpaid medical bills, and potential liens. Many cases are resolved through this facilitation process. Facilitation is when a neutral magistrate is presented with the facts about the case and comes up with a settlement amount. Neither side must accept the settlement amount, but it usually gets both sides closer to resolution.

Injured while on-the-job in Michigan? Contact our lawyers now

If you were injured on the job in Michigan and you are unhappy with your current workers’ comp attorney because you aren’t hearing from them enough or you feel like you want a second opinion about your case, call us now, or fill out our contact form for a free consultation. There is absolutely no cost or obligation. Our attorneys are here for you.

Our attorneys have been exclusively helping injured workers in Michigan for more than 35 years. Our attorneys can help you better understand Michigan work injury laws and what happens after someone has been hurt on the job. To see what our own clients have to say about the caring, compassion, and communication they received from us, you can read in their own words about their experience here on our testimonials page from clients we have helped.

Michigan Workers Comp Lawyers never charges a fee to evaluate a potential case. Our law firm has represented injured and disabled workers exclusively for more than 35 years. Call (844) 316-8033 for a free consultation today.

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