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Jeffrey E. Kaufman is a Michigan workers compensation attorney at the Law Offices of Alex Berman, PC. Jeffrey believes all injured workers deserve to be on equal footing with insurance companies and employers, and fights tenaciously so their rights are secured and protected.

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Solutions to fix workers’ comp in Michigan

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted June 13th, 2019

Employees who are hurt on-the-job face many problems under workers’ comp and possible solutions to bring fairness back to the system. It is no secret to anyone who reads this blog that we believe workers’ comp has major problems. Legislative reforms have resulted in much lower premiums, but it has come at the expense of […]

MIOSHA Fatality Information (June 2019)

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted June 12th, 2019

Preliminary details about workplace fatalities reported to the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration during the first half of 2019. The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) has published details regarding 8 workplace fatalities so far in 2019. This information is published to help employers build hazard awareness and prevent risk for similar occurrences […]

Burnout is now medical diagnosis listed in ICD-11

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted June 11th, 2019

World Health Organization recognizes “burnout” as medical diagnosis and what employees need to know about their legal rights under workers’ compensation in Michigan. CNN is reporting on the World Health Organization recognizing burnout as a legitimate medical diagnosis. It has now been included in the International Classifications of Diseases (ICD-11). Researchers have been studying burnout […]

Employability & Wage Earning Capacity Analysis

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted June 6th, 2019

Warning for disabled employees who find their weekly checks reduced or stopped. Workers’ compensation is a safety net for employees hurt on-the-job. It covers medical treatment, lost wages, and vocational rehabilitation if needed. The amount paid for lost wages is generally equal to 80% of an employee’s after-tax average weekly wage. A good rule of […]

Must you take an Uber ride to the emergency room after a workplace accident?

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted June 5th, 2019

Options if hurt on-the-job and need emergency medical treatment under workers’ compensation. WXYZ (Detroit) is reporting that people are choosing to take Uber/Lyft instead of ambulances to the emergency room. This mirrors a national trend showing a 7% decline in ambulance use when Uber enters a city. Faster response times and lower costs have been […]

Watch out for trucking companies who refuse to accept workers’ compensation claims

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted June 4th, 2019

Aging truck drivers are at increased risk of getting hurt on-the-job and face unique challenges under workers’ compensation in Michigan. Transport Topics published a fascinating article discussing the elevated risk that fleets are seeing with their aging workforce of drivers. It references common activities that cause workers’ compensation claims such as motor vehicle accidents, slips […]

27% of corrections officers have symptoms of PTSD

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted May 30th, 2019

Michigan Department of Corrections appoints employee wellness program manager to help reduce stress and suicide rates among officers. The Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) has appointed an employee wellness program manager in response to concerns about stress and suicide. At least 14 active or recently retired corrections officers have committed suicide since 2015. One study […]

Comedian Chris Kattan discusses his struggles after SNL accident

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted May 29th, 2019

“Saturday Night Live” alumni Chris Kattan says accident led to years of problems and addiction. Variety is reporting on Chris Kattan and his struggles from an accident on the set of “Saturday Night Live.” He fell back in a chair while performing a live sketch that aired in 2001. He said producers of the show […]

What is the big deal about fee schedules?

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted May 28th, 2019

Medical providers can expect to be paid much less under fee schedules and why some refuse to see workers’ compensation patients. The Detroit News has been covering discussions to reform auto no-fault insurance for several weeks. This is in response to drivers paying some of the highest rates in the United States. Governor Whitmer is […]

Memorial Day Holiday Weekend (2019)

Written by Jeffrey Kaufman Posted May 23rd, 2019

Our suggestions for honoring the men and woman who paid the ultimate sacrifice during military service. Our law firm will be closed on May 27, 2019 in recognition of Memorial Day. This federal holiday occurs on the last Monday of May and commemorates those who lost their lives while in military service. Many people visit […]

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