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Workers’ Comp Settlement After Surgery: What You Need To Know

Michigan attorney talks about legal rights when an injured worker needs surgery. We frequently get telephone calls from injured workers about a workers’ comp settlement after surgery in Michigan. Injured workers want to know if the insurance company is going to pay and what should be covered. Many prefer to settle and get medical treatment […]

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Repetitive Strain Injury and Workers’ Compensation Explained

Michigan lawyer explains how a repetitive strain injury is covered under workers’ compensation and how to get help if the claim is denied. We are seeing more repetitive strain injuries in today’s high-tech workforce. Employees are using tools, machines, mobile devices, and computers in ways the human body does not always find comfortable. These workplace […]

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What’s the big deal about employee misclassification?

A warning about trucking companies who intentionally classify drivers as independent contractors. A growing problem in the trucking industry is “employee misclassification.” This is when a company deliberately calls its drivers independent contractors. They are paid wages with a 1099 and required to purchase occupational accident policies that are mostly inadequate. Some drivers are even […]

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