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Sciatica Workers’ Comp Claims: What You Need To Know

Michigan attorney discusses sciatica workers’ comp claims and how to protect legal rights. Our attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience handling workers’ comp claims. We have represented thousands of disabled employees throughout Michigan. Many of the workplace injuries that we see result in low back pain. Here is some information about sciatica workers’ […]

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Permanent Partial Disability Workers’ Comp Claims Information

Michigan lawyer explains permanent partial disability and how insurance companies are abusing the workers’ comp system. We get many telephone calls and emails asking how to calculate the weekly comp rate. Disabled employees want to know if they are receiving the correct payments from the insurance company. Truth is that insurance companies always look for […]

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Workers’ Comp Foot Injury Settlements: What You Need To Know

Watch out for these insurance company strategies and low-ball workers’ comp foot injury settlements. A frequently asked question involves workers’ comp foot injury settlements. Michigan law allows disabled employees to trade workers’ comp benefits for a lump sum cash payment. This money is tax free and can be used for anything including starting a business, […]

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Workers’ Comp Settlement After Surgery: What You Need To Know

Michigan attorney talks about legal rights when an injured worker needs surgery. We frequently get telephone calls from injured workers about a workers’ comp settlement after surgery in Michigan. Injured workers want to know if the insurance company is going to pay and what should be covered. Many prefer to settle and get medical treatment […]

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Workers’ comp vs long term disability: what’s the difference?

Michigan lawyer explains the difference between workers’ comp vs long term disability and explains how you can get both at the same time. We frequently get telephone calls and emails from people hurt on-the-job who are forced to make a claim for long term disability (LTD) insurance instead of workers’ compensation. It usually happens when […]

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Burnout is now medical diagnosis listed in ICD-11

World Health Organization recognizes “burnout” as medical diagnosis and what employees need to know about their legal rights under workers’ compensation in Michigan. CNN is reporting on the World Health Organization recognizing burnout as a legitimate medical diagnosis. It has now been included in the International Classifications of Diseases (ICD-11). Researchers have been studying burnout […]

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What does it mean when the insurance company closes my workers’ comp claim?

Warning about insurance company tactics to save money and our Michigan workers’ comp benefit checklist. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to save money. This often comes at the expense of people hurt on-the-job. We see clients lose their workers’ comp benefits simply because they returned to work or some doctor said they had fully […]

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Part 2: Work Comp Case Approved!

Strategies for dealing with insurance companies who refuse to pay Michigan work comp benefits. Insurance companies use various arguments to dispute payment of work comp benefits. We blogged about some of the most common defense tactics yesterday. This blog post is dedicated to winning strategies and getting your case approved. Here is how you can […]

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Congratulations! You are awarded no benefits!

Loopholes that need to be fixed in Michigan workers compensation law and games insurance companies play. Michigan’s workers compensation law was enacted in 1912 and designed as a grand bargain between labor and business. It provides employees with limited benefits in exchange for giving up the right to file a civil action. If an employee […]

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