Have you been scheduled for a so called IME?

WXYZ Channel 7 News exposes IME abuse in the Michigan workers’ compensation system. TV reporter Kim Russell did an excellent job investigating workers’ compensation. She exposed a side that not many people know about. How insurance companies use the independent medical examination (IME) to unfairly dispute benefits. This is a topic we have covered extensively. […]

Why do we call them “independent” medical examinations?

Michigan lawyer challenges doctor who performed IME and gets slapped with a grievance. Attorney Steven Gursten is fighting a grievance filed by a local doctor. She is upset over a blog post challenging her testimony in an auto negligence case. Turns out this doctor is also a member of the Michigan Attorney Discipline Board. Talk about […]

Treating doctor vs. independent medical examiner

Success or failure of your workers’ compensation case might come down to a battle of medical experts. I just finished reading a disturbing article regarding the distinction between treating doctors and independent medical examiners. It was written by a defense lawyer who was arguing that treating doctors should not be given any extra consideration and […]

5 reasons why our clients hate the IME

What you need to know about the independent medical examination (IME) to protect your legal rights. It is very common for our clients to be sent to an IME as part of their workers’ comp case. This gives the insurance company an opportunity to have them examined by a doctor of its choosing. The IME […]

Got hurt at work? There is an app for that.

Why virtual medicine could change the face of workers’ compensation. The Associated Press had a fascinating article last week regarding virtual medicine. Millions of people will soon be able to see a doctor on their smartphones or laptops. Walgreens, UnitedHealth Group, and the Blue Cross-Blue Shield insurer Anthem are launching applications allowing patients to see […]

Repairing a torn meniscus with stem cells

Innovative research shows the future of meniscus repair using stem cell treatment. Healthline.com published an interesting article about stem cells being used to fix torn cartilage in sheep. It involves a 3d printed biodegradable plastic model filled with proteins that attract stem cells from the bone marrow. Researchers implanted the device and were able to grow […]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – 2014 Edition

Our list of the most frequently asked questions and answers when someone first calls our office. Most people never consider what happens if they are hurt at work. The idea of having to file a workers comp claim is overwhelming. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that new callers want to know. Q. How do I […]

Hotels, Meals, and Mileage

Travel reimbursement rates under workers compensation in Michigan. Some of our clients must travel far distances for their medical treatment. Reimbursement for lodging, meals, and mileage should be provided under workers compensation. Here are the current rates effective January 1, 2014. Mileage (per mile): $0.56 Lodging (per day): $75.00 plus taxes Breakfast: $7.25, $8.75* Lunch: $7.25, $8.75* […]

Why is the insurance company denying my claim?

Insight into the mind of employers and insurance companies who dispute workers compensation claims. We represent nice people who get treated poorly by employers and insurance companies. It is easy to become cynical and just blame it on greed. This is especially true when looking at statistics published by the State of Michigan. Some insurance […]