Do I Need Workers’ Comp Insurance For Myself?

Do I need workers comp insurance for myself?

Michigan workers’ comp lawyer discusses making a claim through your own business. Workers’ comp is a type of insurance that most employers are required to purchase in Michigan. It is intended to protect employees should they get hurt on-the-job. It pays for medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation, and lost wages. It is considered the “exclusive remedy” […]

Can You Quit Your Job While On Workers’ Comp?

Can you quit your job while on workers' comp?

An important warning about quitting your job in Michigan while on workers’ comp and why settlement should be explored first. Getting hurt at work can turn your life upside down. This is especially true if a person has permanent restrictions and cannot return to their job. It is not easy supporting a family on 80% […]

Can I Get Another Job While On Workers’ Comp?

Can I Get Another Job While On Workers' Comp?

Work injury lawyer explains what happens when a person gets a new job while on workers’ comp in Michigan. Employees who are hurt on-the-job in Michigan are protected under workers’ comp law. It covers medical bills related to the workplace accident. It also pays 80% of an individual’s after-tax average weekly wage for lost wages. […]

Can I Apply For Disability While On Workers’ Comp?

Can I apply for disability while on Workers' Comp?

Michigan lawyer discusses how to maximize disability payments while on workers’ comp. What happens if you get hurt on-the-job? This is a question that many people never even think about until it occurs. It can be difficult navigating the complex world of disability benefits. Can I apply for disability while on workers’ comp? How do […]

What Happens To Workers’ Comp When You Die?

What Happens To Workers' Comp When You Die?

Strategies to prevent workers’ comp from ending at death and why settlement is a smart option. We see individuals who suffer from permanent disability after getting hurt on-the-job. This means they are unable to return to gainful employment and may need lifetime medical care. Supporting a family on just 80% of regular pay can be […]

What Happens If Workers’ Comp Doesn’t Pay?

What Happens If Workers' Comp Doesn't Pay?

Michigan workers’ comp lawyer explains the dispute process and how to protect legal rights. A workplace accident can turn a person’s life upside down. This is especially true if they unable to perform the essential functions of their job or require significant medical treatment. Supporting a family while on disability is a challenge but if […]

What Are You Allowed To Do While On Workers’ Comp?

What are you allowed to do while on Worker's Comp?

A warning about video surveillance and activity checks while on workers’ comp. We sometimes have clients that get caught performing activities that are inconsistent with work restrictions set by their doctors. This can result in a cut-off of medical and wage loss benefits. Insurance companies do not believe people who say they cannot work but […]

Can Workers’ Comp Force You To See Their Doctor?

Can Workers' Comp Force You to See the Doctor

Access to medical care is one of the most important benefits under workers’ comp and how to comply with the 28 day rule. Workers’ comp protects employees who are hurt on-the-job. It guarantees payment of medical treatment regardless of fault. All reasonable and necessary medical treatment should be covered, and this is potentially a lifetime […]

Does Workers’ Comp Pay Full Salary?

Does Workers' Comp Pay Full Salary?

How to calculate the weekly comp rate and what percentage of salary can a disabled employee expect under workers’ comp in Michigan. We often describe workers’ comp as a safety net for people who are hurt on-the-job. Employees are entitled to lost wages if they are unable to work because of a workplace accident. These […]

Does Workers’ Comp Pay For Pain And Suffering?

Does Workers' Comp Pay For Pain And Suffering?

Employees who are covered under a workers’ comp insurance policy in Michigan do not get pain and suffering damages. Michigan law requires that businesses purchase workers’ comp insurance. This is to protect employees who get hurt on-the-job, and it does not matter if they were at fault. Workers’ comp pays medical bills, lost wages, and […]