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Michigan Workers Comp Lawyers are protecting clients during COVID-19

Our commitment to helping employees injured on-the-job is strong as ever! We are committed to helping people hurt on-the-job during this unprecedented COVID-19 health crisis. Our entire legal team is mobilized and working remotely from home locations. During this 3 week Stay-At-Home Order for Michigan residents, you can still connect with us at any time, […]

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Michigan COVID-19 Shutdown & Workers’ Comp: What You Need To Know

MICHIGAN COVID-19 SHUTDOWN: Effective March 16, 2020 at 5:00 p.m., the Workers’ Disability Compensation Agency and the Workers’ Compensation Board of Magistrates is suspending in-person hearings until April 20, 2020. We have received the following information about the coronavirus and workers’ compensation hearings. With accordance to the Michigan COVID-19 shutdown the Agency and Board of […]

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10 Questions To Ask A Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Questions to ask a workers’ comp lawyer and how to make sure legal rights are protected. Getting hurt on-the-job is very stressful. Workers’ comp benefits can be disputed at any time. We believe knowledge is power, and injured workers should understand their legal rights. Here are our top 10 questions to ask a workers’ comp […]

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Workers’ Comp Claim Status Update: 4 Questions To Ask Your Lawyer

What questions should you ask when calling your lawyer for a workers’ comp claim status? We frequently get telephones calls from injured workers who are represented by other law firms. These individuals want a workers’ comp claim status update so they know what is happening with their case and are typically unhappy with the communication […]

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