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Magistrate Disposition Statistics (Q3 2019)

Workers’ Disability Compensation Agency releases magistrate disposition statistics covering period January 1, 2019 through September 30, 2019. The Workers’ Disability Compensation Agency has now released magistrate disposition statistics as of September 30, 2019. This shows 5 new open awards, 4 closed periods, 7 denials, and 7 miscellaneous dispositions in Q3. Not much of an increase […]

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Magistrate disposition statistics for 2014

Agency statistics show tough road for individuals seeking workers’ compensation benefits. It was a tough year for claimants seeking workers’ compensation benefits. Only 14 open awards were granted compared to 42 denials. If you include 22 closed periods, less than 50% of claimants actually received some benefits. A magistrate has the authority to order continuing […]

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Magistrate Disposition Statistics (01/01/14 – 08/31/14)

Agency statistics paint bleak picture for plaintiffs seeking workers compensation benefits. Statistics for 2014 do not look promising for plaintiffs. Only 10 open awards have been granted so far this year. This is contrasted by 26 denials. If you include 12 closed periods, the chances of recovery at trial are less than 50%. Michigan’s workers […]

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