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Workers’ Compensation Future Medical Settlement: What You Need To Know

Michigan lawyer discusses a workers’ compensation future medical settlement and how to ensure maximum recovery. We are frequently asked about a Michigan workers’ compensation settlement and future medical costs and how much a disabled employee can expect to receive. There is no fixed settlement amount because every situation is different. Insurance companies generally pay out […]

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Average Workers’ Comp Settlement Amount In Michigan For 2019

Lawyer discusses the average workers’ comp settlement amount in Michigan and how to increase the value of your case Many of the disabled employees who contact our office want to know the average workers’ comp settlement amount in Michigan. Our job as workers’ comp attorneys is to explain legal rights and make recommendations. This allows […]

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How much should I get from a workers’ comp settlement in Michigan?

What benefits go into a workers’ comp settlement and how to know if you are getting a fair deal? We recently blogged about an individual who was scammed out of $300 dollars. He was promised money under workers’ comp if he sent a smaller cash payment. This was obviously a scam as he did not […]

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Workers’ Compensation Redemption Amount

What is the average redemption amount for a workers’ compensation case in Michigan and how to maximize recovery? The Workers’ Compensation Agency (WCA) has published its 2017 Annual Report. Data shows the average redemption amount in 2017 was just $58,156.09. More than 70% of cases were eventually settled through a redemption. Many of our clients […]

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Can a workers’ comp settlement be revoked?

Warning for injured workers who post confidential information on social media. We are always on the lookout for interesting news items to illustrate dangers associated with Michigan workers’ comp claims. Getting in trouble for posting on social media is a common theme. It can also cost you a settlement! CNN previously reported about a man […]

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Is facilitation the new trial?

What are the pros and cons of using facilitation to settle your Michigan workers’ compensation case? We saw a fascinating article regarding facilitation and how it results in settlement 90 to 95 percent of the time. The author ultimately concludes that facilitation has become the new trial. Facilitation is an informal hearing where both sides […]

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Part 3 of 3: Voluntary Payment

Three types of clients and why legal assistance is a necessary to win your workers’ compensation case. A large percentage of our clients are currently receiving workers’ compensation but still want some help. It is important to have a lawyer helping with minor issues before they become major problems. For example, did you know refusing […]

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