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Tendonitis Workers’ Comp Settlement: What You Need To Know

Michigan lawyer discusses a tendonitis workers comp settlement and how to protect your legal rights under workers’ comp law. We have experience with all types of work-related medical conditions. One of the most common diagnosis that we see is tendonitis. This is when a tendon becomes inflamed, irritated, or suffers microscopic tears. It usually occurs […]

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Does My Business Need Workers’ Comp Insurance in Michigan?

If you have just 1 employee working 35 hours per week then your business needs workers’ comp insurance in Michigan. Our job as lawyers is to maximize the amount of benefits paid. We are not the people you want to see when an employee gets hurt on-the-job. This is especially true if you failed to […]

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Workers’ comp vs long term disability: what’s the difference?

Michigan lawyer explains the difference between workers’ comp vs long term disability and explains how you can get both at the same time. We frequently get telephone calls and emails from people hurt on-the-job who are forced to make a claim for long term disability (LTD) insurance instead of workers’ compensation. It usually happens when […]

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