Michigan Workers Compensation Death Benefits Overview

Workers’ comp lawyer gives advice about workers’ compensation death benefits in Michigan and eligible dependents when someone dies at work  After someone dies from a work-related accident, family members will often find themselves struggling to keep up with the bills, or even facing bankruptcy and foreclosure. Below are answers to common questions about workers’ compensation […]

Does Workers’ Comp Pay For Pain And Suffering Damages In Michigan?

Can I sue workers’ comp for pain and suffering? In Michigan, workers’ comp law does not allow an injured worker to sue for pain and suffering damages and won’t pay for them because workers’ compensation is the exclusive remedy against your employer and you don’t have to go to civil court to prove that your […]

Can I Get All Of My Past Due Benefits From Michigan Workers Comp?

Advice on how far back you can receive past due benefits and why the date you filed your work comp claim matters People often want to know about their past-due workers compensation benefits. This is especially true when it takes months or years to resolve a work comp case. Read the common questions below for […]

What Will Workers Compensation Pay If I Win?

Lost wages, medical treatment, voc rehab or a lump sum payment It can be devastating for a family to lose its only source of income. Some people lose their homes and end up going deeply into debt just to survive. We’re frequently asked what benefits are available if a person wins his or her workers […]

How Much Is My Workmans Comp Case Worth?

Information on calculating the value workers’ comp settlement amounts and how an attorney can get you more We’re frequently asked by new clients about the value of their workmans comp cases. The truth is, every case and client is different, so a lawyer can’t assign a value without knowing several important factors. Read on for […]