Who Pays My Workers’ Comp Medical Bills if My Claim Is Disputed?

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Group Health Insurance Can Cover Your Medical Care While Your Case Is Pending — But Should Not Replace Workers’ Compensation One of the primary benefits under Michigan workers’ compensation is access to medical care: You are entitled to unlimited medical treatment for your work injury. We’ve provided information below about what to do if your […]

What Are My Options if My Workers’ Compensation Benefits Have Been Terminated?

How a Work Comp Lawyer Can Protect You From Termination of Benefits or a Claim Denial Many employers and insurance companies put their profits ahead of people, and therefore injured workers get sorely mistreated. The information below will help you understand your options in the event your work comp benefits are terminated — or if […]

Have You Received a “Notice of Dispute” Letter?

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What To Do When Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Being Disputed Your employer or its insurance company can dispute payment of all of your workers’ comp benefits. This frequently happens, and injured workers will find themselves suffering without any income or medical treatment. Below, we’ve provided some information to help you understand how to protect […]