Will I Be Followed By A Workers Comp Investigator?

How Private Investigators May Track You After a Work Injury – And Attempt to Claim You’re Not Injured Enough It’s true: employers and insurance companies regularly use private investigators to conduct surveillance of your activities after you’ve been hurt at work. The advice below will help you understand how workers comp investigators track injury victims […]

What Should I Expect During My Workers Compensation Case?

Read About the Stages of a Work Comp Lawsuit, And How a Lawyer Can Speed Up the Process We find that our clients are more comfortable with the legal process when they know what to expect. Below you can read about each phase of a workers’ compensation case in Michigan and what your lawyer can […]

How Do I Start a Work Comp Lawsuit?

What to Expect at the Beginning of Your Workers’ Compensation Case Many people are concerned that starting a work comp lawsuit will be costly and time consuming. This is not true at all. Below we’ve provided some information about the initial stages of your case, and how a workers comp lawyer can handle everything for […]