Your Medical Care and Michigan Workmans Comp

What doctors to use, the independent medical exam and how your health insurance comes into play If you’ve been injured at work, all of your medical expenses are covered under Michigan workers compensation. The pages below include additional advice about how workmans comp affects your medical care. To speak with one of our workmans comp lawyers today, […]

Your Michigan Workers Compensation Benefits

Work injury lawyer explains how the different types of Michigan workers’ compensation benefits can help you if you’re hurt on the job If you’re injured at work in Michigan, you are entitled to specific workers’ compensation benefits. Below you will find detailed information on each benefit available to you. To speak with one of our […]

Injured on the Job in Michigan

workers at construction site

Our workers’ comp lawyers answer common questions about what to do, whether you qualify for workers compensation and your employer’s responsibility The pages below have vital information on what happens when you’ve been injured on the job, including advice on how workers compensation comes into play and what you should do now. To speak with […]

Understanding Michigan Workers Compensation Laws

workers at construction site

Work injury lawyers explain how the system can help you after an at-work injury The pages below include easy-to-understand information on how the Michigan workers’ compensation law can protect you if you’ve been hurt on the job. To speak with one of our work comp lawyers now, call (844) 345-0952, or you can fill out our […]