Your Michigan workers compensation benefits

Workers compensation attorneys explain how wage loss, medical and vocational rehabilitation benefits can help you if you’re hurt on the job

If you’re injured at work in Michigan, you are entitled to specific workers compensation benefits. Below you will find detailed information on each of your work comp benefits.

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Lost wages

Attorney advice on how you get paid while you’re off of work, and why you could be receiving less wage loss than you’re entitled.

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Medical care

How your medical expenses are covered under Michigan work comp and what to do if your employer gives you the run around.

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Vocational rehabilitation

If you can’t return to your job, voc rehab benefits will pay to train you for work in another field or for your education.

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Even if you’re already receiving Michigan workers compensation benefits, it never hurts to have your claim reviewed by an experienced lawyer.

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Our workers compensation attorneys can make sure you’re receiving all of the work comp benefits you’re entitled to under the law, and we will not let your employer or insurance company take advantage of you.

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