Michigan Workers’ Compensation Laws: What You Need To Know

Work injury lawyers explain how the system can help you after an at-work injury

The pages below include easy-to-understand information on how the Michigan workers’ compensation law can protect you if you’ve been hurt on the job.

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What is workers’ compensation?

FAQs from a Michigan work injury lawyer explaining the system that’s designed to help people hurt at work.

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Michigan workers’ compensation laws

A breakdown of some of the more important recent law changes and how they could affect your benefits.

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How does the law apply to me?

Advice on how the laws comes into play after you’re injured on the job.

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Who is considered disabled under the law?

How an at-work injury victim must prove disability to receive lost wages, given changes in the worker compensation law.

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What injuries are not covered under the law?

Read about limitations to the law that can prevent you from receiving benefits, such as substance abuse, a crime, misconduct or certain activities.

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