Your Social Security Disability hearing

Social Security Disability Hearing

What to expect during your SSD hearing

Social Security Disability hearings are informal proceedings. In an SSD hearing, the federal rules of evidence do not apply and there is no jury to decide your case. There is also no prosecuting attorney who will argue against you.

The only people likely to be at the hearing besides yourself will be the judge, hearing monitor, vocational expert and your Social Security Disability attorney if you have one. In some cases, a medical doctor will be present to testify about your condition. You can bring friends and family with you and they can even testify on your behalf under certain circumstances.

Some judges will ask all the questions while others expect your attorney to ask the questions. You will need to testify about your background and how your medical condition prevents you from working.

You should understand that the judge is not out to give you SSD benefits or to deny you disability benefits. The role of the judge is a gatekeeper to see if you meet the requirements for Social Security Disability. The reality is that some judges do bring their own personal biases to hearings and vocational experts are not always impartial.

The best way to ensure that you win your case is to hire an experienced attorney. Most cases are won and lost at the hearing. Some judges know how they will decide your case even before you walk into the hearing room. Many judges will want to hear from you in your own words why you cannot work. An experienced attorney can help you prepare your case so that you have the best chance of winning. An Social Security Disability experienced attorney will also help with your testimony, so that the judge understands why you deserve disability benefits.

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Social Security Disability Hearing
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