How can I afford a great Social Security Disability lawyer?

Michigan Social Security Disability lawyers only get paid if you win, and there are no up-front costs

If you’ve been denied Social Security disability benefits, you must appeal this decision. You will have to prove your disability to the judge to win your case. It’s important to have an experienced lawyer on your side who knows the law and can stand up for your rights.

Even if you haven’t been denied, a Social Security Disability lawyer can advise you of your legal rights so you don’t lose out on substantial SSD benefits.

Look for a lawyer who practices law in your state and who is familiar with the local Social Security offices and judges. SSD cases in Michigan can be handled on contingency. This means that no fee will be charged unless you win your case.

The maximum attorney fee allowed under law is 25 percent of your past due benefits up to a limit of $6,000. Social Security will pay the attorney fee directly out of your past due benefits if you win your case.

Do not let the fear of cost stop you from hiring a great attorney. The attorney fee is small compared to losing a lifetime of disability benefits.

Have questions about hiring a Social Security Disability lawyer?

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