When your Michigan work comp claim is disputed

Advice on what to do if you receive a Notice of Dispute — or if your workers compensation benefits are terminated

We understand that it can be devastating and confusing when your work comp claim is disputed or denied, and we want to help you get through this difficult time. Below you will find information on how to protect yourself when your workers compensation income is threatened.

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Have you received a “Notice of Dispute” letter?
How to protect yourself if you receive a “Notice of Dispute” letter, which means your work comp benefits are being cut off.

What are my options if my workers compensation benefits have been terminated?
Information on what a Michigan work comp lawyer can do to protect you from termination of benefits or a claim denial.

Who pays my workers comp medical bills if my claim is disputed?
Read about alternative health insurance options injured workers can use in the event your insurance company or employer refuses to pay medical bills under work comp.

Have questions about your work comp claim dispute?

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