Your Michigan workers compensation injury

Information about common on-the-job injuries, issues that arise in work comp and how to protect yourself

Michigan workers comp is designed to provide wage loss benefits and medical treatment for injuries that occur at work. But there are some injuries that are routinely disputed by employers and insurance companies. The information below details some of the most common injuries, and what to expect during your work comp claim.

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Back injury
Frequently asked questions about back injuries, spinal cord injury and difficulties that can arise in workers compensation.

Neck injury
FAQs about workers compensation cervical spine and neck injury claims, as well as proving your injury in court.

Shoulder injury
Information on common shoulder injuries, problems with Michigan work comp claims and handling the insurance medical examination.

Knee injury
Why knee injuries are frequently disputed under workers comp and what you can do to protect yourself.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
Understanding TBI symptoms, testing and medical care, and how to protect your rights to work comp benefits.

Psychiatric injury
What happens when you sustain mental and emotional disabilities from happenings at work.

Environmental injuries
Information on lung problems, hearing loss, allergies and other environmental conditions that can be developed on the job.

Repetitive strain injuries
Types of repetitive strain injuries, treatment and how Michigan workers compensation can protect you.

Injury traveling to work
6 exceptions that could make an injury that occurred while traveling to and from work compensable by workers compensation.

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