Shoulder Injury At Work & Michigan Workers’ Comp Claim FAQs

Information on a shoulder injury at work and issues that arise with  a Michigan workers’ comp claim

A shoulder injury at work is extremely common for people who do physical labor. Below is information about this injury, and how to protect yourself if you have difficulties with your workers’ comp claim.

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Q. Who is at risk for these types of on the job injuries?

A. These injuries typically occur from repetitive arm movements or heavy lifting. Individuals who do throwing or overhead labor are especially at risk.

Q. Can I file a workers’ comp claim for my shoulder injury at work?

A. Yes, you can file workers’ comp claim for a shoulder injury at work in Michigan. You are entitled to prompt medical care and wage loss benefits if you cannot work.

Some individuals heal with just physical therapy while others require surgery. Almost everyone needs some work restrictions. All reasonable and necessary medical treatment should be paid.

Q. Is a workers’ comp claim for a shoulder injury at work typically disputed by employers and insurance companies?

A. Our attorneys frequently see individuals who suffer a shoulder injury at work and have their workers’ comp claim denied. Employers and insurance companies do not care how a person hurt themselves or whether they had a problem before an injury. Sometimes it does not even matter what the treating doctor says.

Insurance companies get away with disputing these injuries by blaming your problems on arthritis and degenerative changes. Almost everyone has some degree of arthritis as they get older. Many times the symptoms of arthritis are nonexistent and working is not a problem. Just because a person has some incidental findings of arthritis does not mean that an injury did not occur.

Q. What should I do if I have suffered this injury on the job?

A. It is important to report your injury to your employer as soon as possible, and to file an accident report. Also, see a doctor. explain to your doctor how you hurt yourself at work and any new symptoms that you experience.

Here’s more information on what to do after a work injury.

When you have an injury at work, something may have changed. Watch out for increased pain symptoms. It will be up to your doctor to determine if the condition is work-related.

Q. I’ve been sent to an IME, now what?

A. Employers and insurance companies regularly send people to their doctors for an “independent” medical examination (IME). An IME is a second opinion medical exam required by your insurance company or employer.

These “independent” insurance doctors are selected by your employer or a workers compensation insurance company, and they often find “nothing wrong” with seriously injured workers.

It is possible that your workers compensation benefits will be disputed based upon an IME report. You should always make sure that you’re treating with your own doctor who has your best interests in mind.

You have the right to choose your own doctor and you should find someone who will be on your side.

Q. What if my injury is being disputed?

A. Many employers and insurance companies do not want to take responsibility for your injury. They will dispute your workers compensation claim just to save money.

If your Michigan workers’ comp claim for benefits in relation to your shoulder injury at work is being disputed, it’s important to speak with a lawyer quickly.

For example, we recently represented an individual from Mount Clemens, MI who had developed a shoulder injury from throwing carpets into a bin. She was sent for an independent medical examination where it was determined that her problems were just from old age. She was denied workers compensation benefits and told to use her own health insurance for treatment. She incurred thousands of dollars in co-pays and deductibles. She also could not work and had no income. Her doctor recommended surgery and discovered a labral tear. We were able to settle her workers compensation case so that she got her wage loss benefits and reimbursement for all of her medical expenses.

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All of your reasonable and necessary medical treatment should be paid for a shoulder injury. It’s very important to speak with an experienced workmans comp attorney if your benefits have been disputed or denied.

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