Can my benefits be stopped if I hire a workers comp attorney?

Why hiring a lawyer will not jeopardize your rights to wage loss and medical care

Some people who call our office are unsure about hiring a workers comp attorney. Many are receiving work comp benefits on a voluntary basis and don’t want to jeopardize their wage loss or medical care. You should know that workers compensation benefits cannot be stopped if you hire a lawyer.

Take a look at the advice below to help you better understand your rights to workers compensation benefits. To speak with a workers comp attorney now, call us at (855) 221-2667 or fill out our free contact form. There’s no fee or obligation.

Q. Can my benefits be stopped if I hire a workers comp attorney?
A. No. Workers compensation benefits cannot be stopped because you hired a workers comp attorney or spoke with one.

You are entitled to workers compensation benefits for as long as you need medical treatment or are unable to work.

Don’t be intimidated by seeking the help of an experienced workers comp attorney. Hiring a workers comp attorney will actually make the litigation process much easier, more understandable and less stressful.

Q. Can a workers comp attorney help me receive benefits?
A. Absolutely. Insurance companies are more concerned with their bottom line than helping you recover from injury. This often results in you not being told of all the workers compensation benefits available under the law.

Don’t count on your employer or its insurance company to do the right thing. It’s very common to see an injured worker being paid at the wrong rate (most often a lesser rate) or told to use his or her own health insurance to pay for a work injury. This results in you having to pay substantial money for deductibles and co-pays out of pocket. And it is not right, according to the Michigan workers compensation law.

A workers comp attorney can fight for your benefits when your employer or insurance company is mistreating you.

Q. Can an attorney help me when my employer will not?
A. Yes. Many individuals who are on workers compensation find themselves in a very difficult situation: They are told by their employer to report back to work regardless of their restrictions. Some even find their workers compensation benefits stopped because they are considered fully recovered. This usually happens without regard to what your treating doctor says.

A workers comp attorney can monitor your claim and advise you on issues before they even occur. All contact is private and confidential.

Sometimes an experienced work comp lawyer can help you resolve minor issues without making his or her presence known. If you can resolve minor issues sooner, they will not turn into major problems.

Q. How have you helped injured workers with their benefits?
A. We represented a woman who was receiving survivors benefits for her husband. The insurance company was voluntarily paying workers compensation — but at the wrong rate. This woman was losing thousands of dollars each year because the insurance company made a math error. She was hesitant to contact our office because she did not want to have her benefits stopped. We were able to correct the error with one letter to the insurance company and she was paid all that was owed.

A man recently called our office because he was denied workers compensation benefits based upon a bogus medical report from the insurance company. His employer supported his claim for benefits and confirmed that he was injured at work. The insurance company did not care and would not change its decision. He eventually returned back to work and we were able to force the insurance company to pay for his time off.

Employers and insurance companies pay big money to hire their own workers compensation lawyers. The goal is to reduce or stop the payment your benefits. You need someone on your side who knows the law and can make sure that your legal rights are protected. You only pay an attorney fee if additional workers compensation benefits are recovered or if you get a settlement.

Here’s more information about paying for a work comp attorney.

Have questions about how your benefits will be affected if you hire a workers comp attorney?

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Please, don’t let fear of losing your benefits prevent you from contacting a Michigan workers comp attorney. We can protect your legal rights and in many cases, get you more benefits than you’re currently receiving due to common insurance company mistakes.

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