Using new technology to stop insurance company abuse

Michigan workers compensation lawyer discusses how technology like Google Glass could impact the future of litigation.

The legal profession is already becoming saturated with new technology. Gadgets like smart phones and tablets are common place in the court room. We use these tools to better serve our clients and the justice system.

Google Glass is a new innovation that is really getting some buzz. It allows a person to wear a portable device that takes pictures, records live video, and provides access to information. This could end up being invaluable in the workplace for quality control and training purposes. We envision factory workers using these devices to assist in the manufacturing and assembly process.

Here is a video demonstration of how Google Glass works. If this technology is adapted on a large scale basis it will have profound social and legal implications. This makes us wonder what affects it could have on a workers compensation case.

Show the injury exactly how it happened

Most disputes about workers compensation come down to whether the employee was actually hurt on-the-job. Some people do not promptly report an injury and this is considered a red flag by insurance companies.

Employers bring in witnesses to say that a person was not doing heavy work or that no injury actually occurred. Medical experts are used to testify about the mechanism of injury and whether findings could be related.

Having a video record showing the perspective of an employee at the time of injury could prove invaluable. Especially when a magistrate is trying to decide what actually occurred months or years in the past.

Stream the IME evaluation

The independent medical evaluation (IME) is another reason why claims for workers compensation are disputed. These doctors are selected by the insurance company and have an agenda. Our clients report some examiners take less than five minutes and misstate the history of injury.

Recording devices are prohibited under Michigan law so it is difficult to challenge what actually occurs. An  exception to this rule allows an employee to bring his or her own doctor into the examination. This is very expensive and not practical for most people.

Using Google Glass to live stream the IME could bring down costs and level the playing field. The employee could then get a report from his or her own doctor about what actually occurred during the IME.

Tech savvy workers compensation lawyers

Legal research is much faster using the Internet. Access to medical records are just a click away. Our hope is that technology will continue to help us be better serve our clients.

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Alex Berman is the founder of Michigan Workers Comp Lawyers. He’s been representing injured and disabled workers exclusively for more than 35 years.  Alex has helped countless people obtain workers compensation benefits and never charges a fee to evaluate a case.

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