Cadillac Place Building

Detroit lawyer discuses the Cadillac Place and explains where your litigated workers comp case will be heard.

One of the perks of being a workers comp lawyer is access to interesting buildings. We have hearings every week and cover most of the State of Michigan. Some hearing sites are nice while others could use some updating.

The Detroit Workers Compensation Agency is located in the historic Cadillac Place building. This is the hearing site for work injuries arising in Macomb County, Monroe County, Washtenaw County, and Wayne County.


Cadillac Place is an office complex located in the New Center area of Detroit, Michigan. It was designed by the famous architect Albert Kahn and construction was finished in 1923. The complex is made up of four parallel 15-story wings of steel, limestone, granite and marble.

The complex was originally known as the General Motors Building and it served as world headquarters for GM until 1996. The State of Michigan entered into a 20 year lease with option to buy for $1.00. Cadillac Place currently holds over 2,000 state employees.


Detroit Hearing Site
3026 West Grand Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48202
Suite 3-700
Telephone: (313) 456-3650
Fax: (313) 456-3651


Handicap accessible parking is available at nearby public lots, with underground tunnels and  skywalks available during bad weather. The Department of Management & Budget suggests the following lots and provides walking estimates:

Lothrop Deck (public parking) 800 ft.
Cass Deck (reserved employee parking)113 ft.
Fisher Deck (public parking) 644 ft.
Baltimore Deck (public parking) 660 ft.


Cadillac Place has the largest docket in the State of Michigan with approximately 35% (4,235) of total pending workers comp cases (11,888). It houses 5 full-time magistrates with administrative staff. Conference rooms are available for private conversations between attorneys and clients.


Fox News Detroit previously reported on state employees who allege that Cadillac Place is not easily accessible for people living with disabilities. This is now the subject of a federal lawsuit. Additionally, the underground tunnel between the Fisher Building and Cadillac Place has been closed to everyone but employees. This makes parking much more difficult for our clients who must face additional traffic risk and inclement weather.

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Photo courtesy of Creative Commons, by BakerH.

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