Winter Solstice 2013

Working outside in the colder months and what you need to know about your health and safety.

December 21, 2013 marked the first day of winter. It sure doesn’t feel that way since we have been battling freezing temperatures and snow for the past few weeks already. Here is our annual list of safety tips for working outside in the winter months.

1. Common sense could be a lifesaver

Employer profits should not come before your health and safety. Never push yourself to the point of danger. Don’t take risks with your life. Learn first-aid so you can deal with medical emergencies. Understand how to safely operate tools, ladders, and equipment.

2. Dress in weather-appropriate clothing

Hypothermia and frostbite are serious medical conditions. Keeping your body warm and protected could be the best thing you do. OSHA suggests wearing layered clothing to adjust to changing environmental temperatures. Hat and gloves are a necessity.

3. Talk to your doctor

Lots of people avoid the doctor unless they need antibiotics for a cold. You should have regular checkups to make sure that you are healthy enough to work outside in the winter. People die every year from cardiac arrest while shoveling snow.

4. Water is a necessity

You can become dehydrated in the summer months or the winter months. Drink plenty of water or other appropriate fluids. Seek medical care immediately if you feel ill.

5. Don’t forget all the other safety concerns

Wear appropriate equipment like goggles and ear protection. Use safe lifting techniques to prevent back injuries. Ask for help when you need it!

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