You don’t need workers compensation for a tablet

How corporations continue to look for ways to save money and why this comes at everyone’s expense.

Slate reports that Applebee’s plans to install a tablet at every table in its 1,860 restaurants across the United States. This will allow customers to order food and pay the bill without any personal interaction. Applebee’s denies this is an attempt to replace its waitstaff.

Slate points out that switching will have major advantages. Using tablets could bring down costs near 42 cents per hour per table. “Moreover, no manager needs to train it, replace it if it quits, or offer it sick days.”

If this technology is successful, it’s hard to believe that Applebee’s will not replace some of its waitstaff. We consider this another step in the race to the bottom. Here is our 2 cents on the issue.

The workers compensation excuse

Big corporations push reform of workers compensation under the guise of job creation. Each Midwestern state in a battle to lower its benefits to entice corporations to stay. No matter that outsourcing has already created a huge loss of manufacturing jobs in Michigan and wages continue to stagnate.

When tablets replace people in the service industry, this is going to create a whole new level of unemployment. It’s not something we want to see and it’s going to hurt everyone in the economy. Maybe it’s time to give employees a break too.

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